Art Cities and Villages

Abruzzo: a fantastic wealth of monuments of art, culture, traditions.
The place where you feel the atmosphere of past times through the heritage of great monuments, culture, and traditions that pay testament to the wealth history that has passed along this territories. A region where churches, abbeys, monasteries meet the edge of woods, including even sown fields, or in the deep silence of the vast plateaus and green pastures, hills in sight of the sea of ??rich scents of the seasons, and speak of legends , the stories never heard.
One of the most interesting elements offered by the beautiful Abruzzo region, crossed the century-old "sheep tracks", is represented, no doubt, by the beautiful old villages, often fortified, which characterize especially the spectacular mountain and piedmont areas of the four provinces, especially of that Aquila. The art cities an village in Abruzzo open the eyes of the traveler, unveiling charming places and scenic views as in the most beautiful paintings. Abruzzo, with twenty-two old villages included in the Club of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, is a journey through enchanting places, where nature and art come together, and the sense of discovery and adventure is still a reality.