Food and Wine

The region is full of tasty and typical products of great culinary interest: delicious and unique white thistle, the Fucino carrot, black lentils and red garlic of Sulmona. Important production of saffron and truffles, especially blackones of L'Aquila and Teramo and Vasto white truffle. Among the meats there is Ventricina, a spicy spreadable cream made from pork; the salami from L'Aquila which is stuffed with cedar and orange peels; the Torano salsiciotto is intense and seasoned sausage. The remarkable variety of fish,  from the Adriatic sea.

Among the desserts do not miss Parrozzo from Pescara, whose name is another idea of Gabriele D'Annunzio poet; Cicerchiata, fried balls with candied fruit and honey. Calgiunitti, stuffed with chickpeas, jam and pine nuts, and the delicious sweets of Sulmona. Since even try "maritati figs" "Fichi maritati" with almonds and laurel, the "sise of the nuns", domes stuffed sponge cake; The bocconotto, based pastry, and Fiadone, stuffed with cheese, cottage cheese and eggs.

Your best choiche should be served with the famous Montepulciano d'Abruzzo red wine or with Trebbiano d'Abruzzo (white wine). The Centerbe liqueur, bitter medieval distilled by the monks of the Abbey of San Clemente a Casauria, from a height of 70 degrees, is famous throughout Italy.