Abruzzo, the greenest region of Europe. Big, strong and growing nature tourism with corners of paradise, with green areas, lonely valleys, walls and canyons, immense and protected areas, waterfalls and plateaus where the vacancy becomes a thrill for all seasons each with its colors, its landscapes and smells.
The scenery here is characterized by mountain chains, karst phenomena, rivers (including the Sangro River) and streams. It’s the ideal place to spend pleasant days in close contact with nature and to admire uncontaminated landscapes, a rich flora and varied fauna.This spacious, green and clean region with its large woods of beach and oak, meadows and rivers is ideal for a holiday on horseback.
Cycle tourism is a travel experience that focuses on the bicycle as the primary mode of transport.
Cycle tourism combines particularly suggestive localities (whether mountain range, countryside or urban scene) that you can easily visit on your bike!
The climate here, of course, is sunny and mild; nonetheless, bike excursions are mostly organized in mountainous and hilly zones, where temperatures can be more severe. Excursions in flat, coastal or lake areas, on the other hand, can mean rather hot termperatures. Once you have chosen your destination and consulted the weather trends, you are ready to choose the best time for your cycling vacation.